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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas!

I have mentioned in my posts before how much I love having a fireplace. It's warm, comforting and makes a home look inviting. I do lack the creative part of decorating the mantel. I currently have just junk on top of mine that I need to put away so I can start a new beautiful mantel. I started searching for some ideas and wanted to to share with you some of the beautiful mantels people have created. Even if you don't have a fireplace you can still put in a mantel with just the wall. There are some really cute ideas for those too. 

My website is about Thrift Store shopping so take a look at the ones that you like and find the items at your local Thrift Store and save yourself money. Baskets, bowls, wreaths, jars, frames, plates, plate holders, vases, etc. Don't spend a bunch of money when there is so much out there to find. That is the fun part of Thrift Store shopping is the hunt for the perfect find. Good luck!

I know it isn't Christmas but I love the box shelf! I saw something like this at the Thrift Store a while back and now I wish I had picked it up. You could use that for any holiday or season. Change the decorations in the boxes and take off the stockings and garland and you could make something darling!



Check out these web pages that show you some darling ideas on how to make a Mantel for something other than a fireplace! Very creative.

This website from Martha has some darling ideas where she has taken a white wall and offered several different suggestions on how to decorate it. I love Martha. 

So many cute and creative ideas. Which ones are your favorite???? What is your style? Do you have a Mantle picture you would like to share? Please send it! Hope you enjoy the different ideas and can incorporate them into your home. Thanks again for stopping by always, I appreciate it very much. Please share with you friends! Thanks.



  1. Nice ideas.All pictures of fireplace mantel are looking fabulous.You have given great tips for decorating fireplace.I would like to use these ideas to makeover my own fireplace mantel.Thank you so much for sharing.
    Fireplace mantel

  2. These are lovely design and decorating ideas for our fireplaces! These themes are surely effective in increasing the overall appeal of our homes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is a great collection of wonderful decorating ideas. The mantel is such an amazing spot to decorate especially that the fireplace really adds to the overall appeal. Again, thank you for this post. Surely, a lot of homeowners will gain a lot of ideas from this.

  4. The fireplace is a good place to place ornaments. It does not only provide warmth during the winter season but the given space can be decorated depending on the upcoming special occasions to add vibrance to the home.

  5. This mental fireplace looking very nice ..i like the your idea about mental fireplace......

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  6. I love your idea of creating a faux fireplace in your home. Converting faux fireplaces into headboards is a brilliant idea! Here's a GREAT source for custom fireplace mantels (whether you have a fireplace or not!)

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